"I've dreamt of being an Actor since I was 7"

Fast forward today, I have had leading roles in multiple Television shows and a web series. Acted in movies across Canada with hollywood stars and I have written numerous screen plays. I have hosted national award shows alongside top Indigenous Actors. I am an Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and I teach seminars across the Country. 


"It's surreal to say I am officially living my dreams!" 


I have sacrificed a lot to be where I am today and have overcome a lot of personal challenges such as addiction, depression, anxiety and lack of self love. Finding solutions and freedom I have made it my life's mission to share the solutions I have discovered and help people in any way I can. Helping others to find freedom within themselves and to live their dreams is what drives me everyday! 




"Hard Powder" "Mohawk Girls" "The Pinkertons" "Wind City" 


3 Indspire Awards | 4 Aboriginal Day Live's | 4 Years APTN

International Speaker





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