"I've dreamt of being an Actor since I was 7"

Fast forward today, I have had leading roles in multiple Television shows and a web series. Acted in movies across Canada with hollywood stars and I have written numerous screen plays. I have hosted national award shows alongside top Indigenous Actors. I am an Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and I teach seminars across the Country. 


"It's surreal to say I am officially living my dreams!" 


I have sacrificed a lot to be where I am today and have overcome a lot of personal challenges such as addiction, depression, anxiety and lack of self love. Finding solutions and freedom I have made it my life's mission to share the solutions I have discovered and help people in any way I can. Helping others to find freedom within themselves and to live their dreams is what drives me everyday! 



"Not only am I doing what I love but I am also getting paid to travel the world... now that just takes this experience to a whole other level." 

"I have a strong passion to share my knowledge, inspiration and vision to help others see their potential. Most people have just stopped themselves from dreaming. Stopped themselves from seeing a better and brighter future for themselves. It's actually a lot easier than you think. Sometimes we just need a friendly yet direct wake up call. A wake up call that say's it's your time. Your life. It's what ever you make it. So start now!" 

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"Love the journey, Live the Dream..."

The motto "Love the journey, live the dream" was created and inspired from my life experience so far. When I was young in my acting career, my teacher said to me.

"Kyle this will all happen for you, you just need to appreciate the baby steps. It won't happen over night."

I have always remembered her saying that to me and it has helped me in my life. It was a constant reminder that if you only focus on the end goal and the destination. You miss the whole journey. You miss the beauty, the growth, the ups and downs. Most importantly the triumph is always sweeter once you have experience the tribulations.